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Download EVA-CL00C01B392 China

Model Code Name: EVA-CL00
Model Name: Huawei P9 32GB Dual Sim
Language Code: C01
Region / Country: China
EMUI Version:
Firmware Type: FullOTA-MF
File Size: 2.43 GB

How to flash this firmware to your phone:

1- Rename the downloaded file to
2- Extract the file
3 -Create a folder named Dload in the device’s internal storage or on your SD card and put the (Extracted file there
4- Then go to Settings > About phone > System Update, and then select Local Update.
5- After that, Give the downloaded update file’s location on the next screen
6- The installation will start automatically
Once completed, reboot your device
Done!!! Your device should now have the latest update running
-= OR =-
You can start update from dialer *#*#2846579#*#* and ProjectMenu -> Software Upgrade -> SDCard Upgrade

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File RAR Password is:, if Not working please read the description to find the password.







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